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  Forms of abuse
  or assault

Many will never know what we've gone through...
... and sadly, most of those that do know,
think we should just get over it.

The different forms of abuse and assault
When abuse comes to mind, most think of physical or sexual abuse.

There are three basic types of abuse, physical, verbal,
and sexual. We believe that you know what physical
and sexual abuse are.

Most think that verbal abuse is only when someone is screaming,
This is NOT the only form of verbal abuse.

A father can (even at normal volume, but with a dark tone) say to their son,
"Jeremy, you are so stupid. Can't you do anything right?"
This will cause just as much damage, if not more, than screaming.

Perhaps it is a mother that says to her daughter,

"You disgust me! I wish you were never born!"
These can, and often are remembered for a lifetime.

I am fifty-three and I still remember what my mother said after I was molested by a neighbor (I was five).
My parents took to a psychologist, and left me alone with him to talk, I didn't.
On the way home from the third and final visit, my mother turned to me and said,

"You didn't talk to the nice man.
So we will never talk about this again,
you have embarrassed our family enough."

Let's move on to Definitions

#2 "to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way",
#8 "bad or improper treatment; maltreatment",

Many think that neglect is just neglect.
It is not just neglect. Neglect is abuse.


1. a sudden, violent attack; onslaught.

2. Law - an unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.

When thinking of assault, most are aware of both physical and sexual assault.

Lastly R.A.

Another type of abuse, often only referred to as RA.
It's rarely talked about.

So dark is this that even those that are the victims of this type of abuse often call it RA. What does RA stand for? Ritualistic Abuse.

While I am not a survivor of RA, I have spoken to someone that was and the stories were horrific.

As with almost all abuse, the victim is coerced or persuaded to not run, tell, etc. Sometimes the victim is even held hostage.

In ritual or ritualistic abuse, the victim may be tied. Also, there may be an audience that are either spectators or participants. This is rarely the case with other types of abuse (except for gang rape).

If you are a survivor of RA, AND would like to word this better or otherwise make a correction here, please email contact@asanctuary.net with Definition of RA in the subject line.
If you are a survivor of RA, AND would like to "talk", please feel free to email contact@asanctuary.net with survivor of RA in the subject line. Or if you like, you can join Your Sanctuary, a forum where there is a common area and each type of abuse also has an area of it's own.

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