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Crisis Hot Lines

(Rape, Abuse, & Incest, National Network)
1-800-656-HOPE 1-800-656-(4673)

Crisis Lifeline
(For someone to talk to)

* You will talk to someone
   who will listen to you,
* ask you questions,
* do everything they can to help.

Para Espanol
Cuando el centro contesta su llamada, usted estará hablando con una persona que le escuchará, le hará preguntas y hará todo lo que esté a su alcance para ayudarlo.
Self-Harm Crisis Line
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Eastern Time


International Hotlines are on the Home Page.

Emergency Exit
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  Forms of abuse
  or assault

Encouraging Videos

Each video has a brief description,
if you start feeling un-easy, please keep yourself safe
by returning at another time when you feel stronger.

Videos are listed in alphabetical order.

created by Kapefafa
Embeded on 06/10/2011

Description -
A song of questions & feelings that survivors have;
A song giving the hope that survivors wish for;

This song was made by a Japanese girl.
She loves singing English songs "If we hold on together"
"Over the rainbow" "The Rose" and more.

"Are You Feeling All Alone?"
created by Cloud
Embeded on 06/10/2011

Description -
Has someone left. Gone away?
Are they in a far off land (Iraq?)?
Even so you can "feel" closer.
How? Watch the video.

"Don't Stop Dancing"
created by Garden's Rain
Embeded on 11/29/2010

Description -
Waiting for the member to provide description.

"Feeling Forgotten & Forsaken"
created by Cloud
Embeded on 06/10/2011

Description -
Some have been born again.
Some have felt / still feel that they were / are unworthy of God's love.
What are your thoughts? Sorry that the audio is so poor.

"If You Think Suicide is The Answer"
created by Cloud
Embeded on 06/10/2011

Description -
Anyone can say that suicide isn't the answer.
Watch this video to find out why.

"Return To Innocence"
by A Place For Healing
Embeded on 12/26/2010

Description -
Once again A Place For Healing has created a two sided video.
It is for both survivors and for those that care for them.

This video encourages you to (report if you can, but get counseling, even if you can't report) so you can resolve the trauma.

Return to your full, or entire self, instead of being broken and feeling "less than".

Trigger Warning
This video contains footage of Smiles Alot (from "Dances With Wolves") being struck by a US Soldier.
Sadly, he never smiled after this confrontation.

Reclaim your innocent smile.

"Shake Up Christmas"
by Train
Embeded on 12/14/2010

Description -
Simply wake up the happiness.

"Sharing A Gift You Were Given"
created by Cloud
Embeded on 06/10/2011

Description -
This video is about when we lose someone to death and how we
can turn it into a good thing instead of a bad thing.
I hope that you watch this all the way through.
I hope that you don't pay attention to the crappy audio.
I hope you receive the message.

"Stand In The Rain"
(creator did not supply artist info)
Embeded from GardensRain

YouTube Account on 11/20/2010

Description -
Waiting for the member to provide description.

"You don't ever have to be alone again, not anymore."

"You Can"
by A Place For Healing
Embeded on 12/26/2010

Description -
We have more strength than we believe, we can do more than we think.
If only the perpetrator hadn't completely crushed our self-esteem
(this is the case for so many of us).
Watch the video and reclaim what you have lost.

"You Are More"
by Tenth Avenue North
Embeded on 11/10/2010

Description -
Waiting for the member to provide description.

Tenth Avenue North - You Are More
from Provident Label Group on Vimeo.

"You Can Find A Way"
(to keep going)
by A Place For Healing
Embeded on 12/26/2010

Description -
"We hope that after you watch this video, you will feel raised up"

There are three possible trigggers;
* pic of a man shaking a child-"You never listen, are you stupid?",
* pic of a tear on a child's face-"He'll never see my silent tears."
        (a promise we are sure that many survivors have made,
        and most have kept)
* some Christian content, though not strong.

All videos must be approved by A Sanctuary's Administrative Team. We will be embedding the videos and have no control over the video's availability.

To submit a video contact A Sanctuary's Administrative Team by email with "video suggestion" in the subject line, a brief description of the video and a link to the video.

        * By submitting a video, you agree to the following:
as with YouTube LLC, if we are contacted by another and it is discovered that your video / video suggestion is a copyright infringement, we will remove the video (instead of muting the audio).

        1) if a member submits a video that is a copyright infringements we will remove the video and make an entry in their profile. If a member submits videos that are copyright infringements more than four (4) times, we will not accept video submissions from that member for the period of one(1) year

        2) as a matter of embedding the video you suggest, you agree to hold A Sanctuary harmless and bear the responsibility of any video you create that results in a copyright infringment. If you did not create the video in question then the responsibility lies with the creator of the video.

In any case, A Sanctuary is not and will not in any way be responsible for any consequences, legal, monetary, or otherwise whatsoever.

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