Our Reporting Policy

The only reason we will ever report to a member's local law enforcement is if one of the following conditions occur:

A) A member posts or otherwise reveals that they are going to intentionally cause themselves severe bodily harm (as some survivors do cut, this would not normally be considered severe, as typically "most cutting" is only intended to draw blood, not end life) other forms of self-harm are more difficult to control and may be reported.

B) A member posts or otherwise reveals that they are going to intentionally cause severe bodily harm to another.

C) A member, under 18 years of age, posts or otherwise reveals that they are being abused or assaulted and will not OR refuses to report.
We will first try to assist the member in finding a safe method that they can use to report (an exception to this may be if the member is in another country AND has posted that they cannot leave or do not have another location where they will be safe).

D) A member posts or otherwise reveals that they have been threatened with severe bodily harm or death and will not act in a way to prevent the attack or assault.

E) Lastly, when we are duly served with a legal court order requiring us to release the information as stated in the court order.

This isn't only a matter of following the Law, it is also a moral responsibility that we must act according to what the average person in a community would expect.

We believe that people agree that suicide is both a selfish and permanent answer to a temporary problem even though survivors know that surviving doesn't mean we will be "all better" tomorrow.

We reserve the right to add to or modify this policy in the future.

This page last updated on 07/05/2017

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