What is Anonymity?

Definition - What is anonymity?
According to the World English Dictionary

Anonymity - noun
1. the state or quality of being anonymous.
2. an anonymous person:
4. Denoting an organization which provides help to applicants who remain anonymous: Alcoholics Anonymous

Here is our policy regarding our member's anonymity.

Visitors to A Sanctuary are not tracked.

Most anyone that browses the internet can do so anonymously through their browser or third party software.
As a result, we cannot determine if a particular person has accessed A Sanctuary.

Individuals who join "Your Sanctuary", our forum, do so simply by supplying a valid email address and then choosing their user name. This means that those that have registered to access "Your Sanctuary" are STILL anonymous, however, our software does retain the connection particulars.

Do we promise anonymity?

Unfortunately we are regulated by legal, moral, and ethical constraints that prevent such a promise from being made.     Please read our Reporting Policy to learn more.

This page last updated on 07/05/2017

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