Why We Are Here

We are here to help you understand our viewpoint.

How we came into being

Sometime ago, survivor of abuse and sexual assault from five different attackers through their life searched the internet for support. They a huge number of sites that quotes statistics, articles, and a professional outlay of information. What they didn't find was any site that was apealing to the eye, "down to earth", and with a friendly layout.

These brought into existence, A Sanctuary.net LLC - A place to finally heal from the effects of abuse, or assaultTM. After A Sanctuary was in place, Your Sanctuary, our forum, was created.

How we are different from the rest

We make it clear that suggestions are welcomed and while the Forum Staff has the "right" to edit, or delete a member's post or reply, we have an appeal process outlined in the public area of the forum that can be used.
If after looking into the "problem", the Administration and the Staff will render a decision. Editing or deletions can be "undone", and will be, if it is found that the correction was not necessary. This is possible because when the Staff deletes a post/reply, it is simply moved to the Staff Area that only an Administrator can access and "un-delete" the post/reply.
Lastly, member's are not easily banned because there is are 6 levels of correction (that can be appealed), the banning of a member is a last resort.

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